Lady Sleeps With Her Python Every Night — Then Doctors Tell Her The Horrifying Truth

It's preferable for many people when they sleep to snuggle up next to something else like blankets, a warm pet or a partner. However. It brings us safe and warm feelings.
Sleeping with cats you can be a big trouble because they prefer to sleep on you. If they sleep on your head, it’s difficult to breathe. As well as you can't move.

However, these photos show a woman who prefer to cuddle up with her snake.
The python stretches out along this woman's all body, as well as it encircles her. 

She decided to take the python to the veterinarian since she discovered its sudden stopping eating.

The doctor was curious about knowing the things that the python used to eat and activities that she and the snake do over the day.

As soon as the woman told him that she and the snake sleep together, the doctor knew what the trouble was.

The told her that her snake was very good. But, he was getting ready to make her its next meal by sizing her up! Watch the video above to have more information.

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