Woman Adopts Gorgeous White Pup – Months Later, Awestruck Vets Tell Her It Is A Beast!

The video above speaks about a woman called Wang, who dreamed for many years of adopting a pup.

Mrs. Wang would visit shelters and consult with breeders, but she never found her best one. One day, she came across with the cutest tiny white puppy ever in her visit to a local pet store. The beautiful dog was a Japanese Spitz, that are known for their wonderful white fur. So, she paid $190 and took the dog home. The dog was so cute, which left Wang’s friends stunned as the dog is so close to foxes! 
Days passed, Wang realized that the puppy’s fur was coming in very thick! The dog even stopped eating the dog food! Mrs. Wang went to the veterinarians to knew what was going on. The vets contacted a local zoo to send its experts, who told that it was a wild fox, and he should be surrendered to the zoo to take of him. Watch the video above to have more information.
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