Poor Dog Is Left At Shelter In A Garbage Bag, As Her Owners Didn't Want Blood In The Car

At the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California, a dog was dozen by her owners in a rubbish bag for they didn’t need to get gore in their vehicle.

Blackie is a 10-year-old dog, her tail that was bleeding, had a lump on it, and the people she thought loved her most carried her inside and ignored.

Inside a kennel, Blackie was put in the medical section of the refuge; however she wouldn’t stay there long.

A video of her online was seen by The Frosted Faces Foundation, and benefactors came to reanimate her.

She was remaining the lovely dog, regardless everything. She had totally comfortable and at peace here around all of the benefactors like if she realized they were there to support.

Therefore, Blackie was supplemented to be sent to the hospital to have operation. She’s expected to make a full revival and will an after that be put up for adoption.

She be worth a loyal and sweet family for she is the devoted and beautiful dog.
For the moment, at the Frosted Faces Foundation, she’ll keep to be showered with charity by the benefactors.
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