Office Puts A Rescued Pit Bull Inside His Car, Why He Did So Has Gone Viral!

Animal abuse is a gruesome act. We have seen many terrible dog abuse cases throughout history. Whether a dog can overcome a distress he has been through is debatable. It depends on many factors including how much support we provide to our beloved animals, and help them get over a distress.

A Pit Bull was in agonizing pain after her owner let her down. The dog was left devastated when her owner hit her with a hammer several times on her head. Her owner was arrested, and Animal Farm Foundation decided that the dog needs to have a better life and they welcomed her. The foundation believed in the dog and said she can be very useful to society. The strong Pit Bull, Kiah participated in the Universal K9 program which aims to train dogs so that they can help police making the country safe.
They have trained a lot of dogs, but they said Kiah was special, smart, and willing to help police doing their jobs. Kiah fitted in quickly and they all loved her and they said she loved everything about the job. They said Kiah has the ability to sniff out people, and she is very talented. Kiah finished all her training and she became a Rookie K9 Sniffer dog working at the police department in Poughkeepsie. Kiah proved to be very useful to society by keeping criminals off the city’s streets. It is really amazing how she could get over he ex-owner and move on. Now she is very happy with her life. We wish you the best Kiah.     

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