Incredible Reaction By An Orphaned Piglet When Poor Kitten Started To Have A Bad Seizure

We saw how a dog and a cat can make good friends, but a kitten and a piglet is a rare case. It is hard to believe that a kitten and a piglet can make best friends.
However, Sriracha and Batman showed that it’s not about where you come from, it’s about what you do and give to society, and Batman proved to be very useful to the society as Sriracha strongly needs him.
Poor Sriracha is a kitten with special needs; she has a neurological disorder which makes it hard for her to walk, and she has seizures because of this disorder, but what Batman does is incredible.

Every time the kitten has a seizure, the orphaned piglet runs to help her and stays with her until the seizure is gone. Were it not for Batman, who knows what would be Sriracha’s fate. 
We feel for the poor kitten, but it’s also good to know that as long as Batman is alive, Srirach will never walk alone.

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