Couple Spots Little Eyes Staring WhileDriving, Directly Go Back To Know What Was That!

Erin and Markus were driving at night along a bridge when Erin saw small eyes staring from the guardrail. So they came back and readied the camera.


Erin said that she saw something alive when they sped by about 65mph, but we looped around, the second time they looped around again, even though Erin swore that something looked at her. But the third time was really fantastic. Fortuitous nice kitten the guardian angel, Eris, crossed its way. Eris' husband Markus wrote on Facebook.

This kitten is so lucky to have this nice care by Eris.

Erin posted on Facebook that the kitten's weight is 1.5 pounds and its age is 6 weeks only. She added that it is a happy healthy little girl. And we are glad to save her.


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