Biker Is Alone In Land With No People. The Moment He Pans The Camera Down He So THIS Sitting At His Feet!

What do you do if you meet a creature alone in no man's land?

A biker recorded what happens when he saw these nice puppies during his riding to his job in a city which was around 500km away from his hometown. He actually found these nice puppies in the middle of the distance. He said that if he was going back to the home he would take it, but having pets is not allowed in the work. So, he didn't want to put them in possible risk when he carried them on the bike as they were trying to get away from me.



The video shows that the bike tried to move the puppies away from the road, and they were getting scared of him. So the biker left them back because there was a cliff and if it fell off their lives will be in risk. He also hoped that the few houses in the town survived them. Finally, the biker called the phone number on dog's calf and was reunited with its owner.

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