Vets Warn Dog Owners About A “Dog Killer” Right In Their Own Backyard!

If you have a dog, you know how much they like running outside. Many of us take our puppies to large spaces so that they can do some much-needed exercise and let loose. Did you know that there are types of grass that can be harmful to your pet, even deadly? 


Vets say that it is becoming increasingly common to see painful and significant wounds because of foxtail grass.

When a dog "explores" the foxtail grass, the skin can be pierced by seed awns’ needles on their feet, mouths, stomach, eyes, and in their noses. The grass can be found in almost all regions, making it even more difficult to avoid it.

Some signs that your dog may have been exposed to foxtail:
-Violent headshakes
- Excessive sneezing
-Pawing at the nose, mouth, and eyes repeatedly
-Skin lumps

If your dog has any of these symptoms or signs and may have been exposed to foxtail, seek immediate medical attention. Watch the video above to have more information.

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