Two Days Old Puppy Was Tied To The Track Of Train To Die, But His Screams Reached The Rescuers

Rabecca Cruz, an animal rescue volunteer and a real estate photographer was taking some photos in Dade County, when she heard cries.


So, she decided to follow the sound in order to find the source of the cries, that's when she found a one- or two-day old puppy tied to the ground beside the tracks to die. The dog, whose eyes are not open yet, was tied to the ground from her leg. So, Rabecca directly took the puppy to Deidra who works with a rescue group.
The veterinarian examined the pup and said that she is doing fine and she would have passed away if she stayed there much longer. No one knows who made that to this Pit Bull mix, but what is known is that it is an evil action. Watch the video above to have more information.
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