Tiny Young Pup Left For Dead In Plastic Bag Owes His Life To Facebook

Even though social media has many negative impacts, it can save lives.


According to Dodo, this story took place in Rondon, Brazil where this puppy was deserted in a plastic bag. Later on, his life is owed to a Facebook group committed to rescuing pets. Marcia Lutz posted an acute message on a Brazilian Facebook page states that the pup was thrown in a valley inside a plastic bag which is a place that hard to reach. She added that she cannot save his life and she asked for help.

Just a few minutes later, Cláucia Jackline de Oliveira interfered to help, a young woman who works in a medical office near the ravine. She and a nurse colleague hurried straight to the ravine and they managed to climb down into it and saved the pup.


The young puppy looked in good health and he was very lucky, in spite of bad conditions he had been through. What's more, Oliveira looked for an adoptive family for him in social media and just over an hour after a volunteer came to adopt him.

Fortunately, the pup’s life was changed quickly, from cruel abandonment inside a plastic bag one minute to a new loving home the next. It concludes with that there still hope for a better world with people's kind attitude. Watch the video above to have more information.

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