Tiny Chihuahua Slightly Bigger Than A Can Couldn’t Stop Shaking Until She Was Rescued.

What would you do if you saw this terrified little Chihuahua as you scrolled down your Facebook page? If you are Claire Stokoe, you would call the rescue group that posted the picture and ask about the poor creature.

Claire was interested in adopting the little dog. When she called, she found out that the dog had come from a puppy mill in the United Kingdom.
The dog, who was later named Brie, had scars on her legs and some scabs on her ears.
Brie also had a hard time opening her eyes in the light. She was probably raised in a very dark place. When she adopted Brie, Brie was malnourished.
To make matters even more distressing, Brie had been a breeder dog.
She had given birth twice via C-section. Those procedures had wreaked havoc on her small body. Claire wasn’t put off by all the news about Brie.
She traveled 600 miles (round trip) from Durham, England to Wales to bring Brie home.
Brie was shaking terribly and clinging to the woman at the shelter when Claire arrived. Claire was now nervous about being able to help the tiny creature.
All Brie needed was love and comfort – which Claire could definitely provide!
As soon as they two were alone, it didn’t take long for Brie to fall asleep in the back of the car.
Brie has some new siblings that go by Dexter, Vesper, and Bouddica.
Here is Vesper ‘welcoming’ Brie to the family!
Brie’s life has improved! She is loved and freely gives love!

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