Since He Spent 2 Years In A Very Tight Cage, His Body Got Deformed While Growing Up

This story speaks about a poor Pit Bull called Landis, who spent 2 years of his life inside a cage as his previous owners did not allowed him to be out of it.

As Landis grew up during these two years, the cage became too small for him, so this made his body deformed and dwarfed as he wasn’t able to grow in a proper way.

The dogs, that were cared by First State Animal Center and SPCA, put up for adoption, as the veteran was forced to stay at the hospital for some few months!

When James was out of the hospital, he was completely shocked and heartbroken, when he knew that he’d lost his 2 dogs!

Luckily, James’ 2 dogs were still at the shelter, but there was $250 adoption, and that what James did not have!

But he decided to sell his car, in order to pay the adoption fee! But before that, a Petsmart store called him to come. And that was the surprise, when he saw his 2 dogs!

The store had collected the money for volunteers, and decided to help the man. The reunion is priceless!

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