Tied to Guardhouse Under Sun And Rain, Left With Engine Oil Poured All Over His Body

Carina Suarez, a selfless and amazing rescuer, has rescued many animals in need and she will never stop rescuing animals. Suarez explained that her last rescue case is the worst ever in her rescue career, it's about Carmel, a poor dog who has had a very sad life.


People saw Carmel and thought that it would be better for him to be put down, but Suarez had another opinion and she decided to do her best to save this poor angel. So, Carina took Carmel into her care and decided to give him 24/7 hours care.
Thankfully, she also decided to adopt him, but the truth was that Carmel who really adopted Suarez as he always follows her to make sure that she is good. He is completely healed and transformed now. Thanks to Carina who did her best to change Carmel's life. Watch the video above to have more information.
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