This German Shepherd Is Trying To Fight Against His Own Shadow

A Priceless Moment For Every One
This Video is unique and fun to watch this dog is trying to do impossible. He is up against his own shadow this is a priceless moment. He is trying to show his shadow self that who is the boss here this is a joy to watch. We can only feel sorry for him because he will be tired and give up.

Fighting Against His Own Shadow Self
The suspicious feeling that someone is following you can drive you crazy same is happening with this dog. He got that feeling that some is following him and his freedom is in danger. As soon as he come to know that he is being followed by his own shadow, he gone crazy and started to fight against his own shadow this video is worth watching. One can watch it over and over again this dog is so cute and innocent he don’t even know that he is up against his own shadow this video will definitely made your day but in the end we can only feel sorry for him. He will get use to that someday.

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