This Dog Was Tormented to the bone. When The Tape Was Taken Off, It Tore The Rescuer’s Heart.

Violence against animals is one of the worst things in the world, how can anyone do these cruel acts against these kind creatures?!

This story is about a dog whose mouth had been shut using tape. But the worse is that it is clear that she had also been tormented. This made the dog thinks that all humans are harmful creatures and dangerous after having been tortured by an evil human.


The tape, that had already dug into the dog's flesh, was finally removed. And it was a really shocking moment, as the adhesive tape cut through the flesh and fur. The dog, who was then named Lucky, could eat. They then bandaged Lucky's nose up, but infection dangers were still high. After just few days, Lucky started getting better, and her healing process was still underway.

There are still some tracks because of the tape. But, she is allowing others to cuddle him and she is also stronger. Fortunately, Lucky was saved before she starved until death. Lucky was finally adopted after 537 days of rehabilitation at the Vietnam Veterinary Center. His loving new owner is in Germany, according to the ARC Vietnam's Facebook page.

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