They Went To Rescue An Injured Little Dog Hiding In A Bush. What They Found Was A Big Surprise

It’s amazing to see humane people like those in the video doing their best to save animals, and we hope they can help any animal in pain, and we also are doing our best to help them. Hope for paws is an non-profit animal rescue organization, they had rescued thousands of abandoned dogs, their videos are always inspiring, and this is one of the most amazing stories of a dog’s rescue, it’s the story of Iris, the abandoned dog.

It started when Hope for Paws organization received a call about a homeless abandoned dog that is injured; they must help her immediately, so volunteers started the rescue mission. The abandoned dog most of the time was just hiding, she would just go out at night every day to search for food. Also, it was reported that this abandoned dog was pregnant and she is about to give birth, and it was reported that the abandoned dog was living in the tree bushes, and for her it was the perfect place to hide. After searching for more than 10 minutes, the volunteers found the abandoned dog. They started to give her some food, and it was the surprise for them to see that this abandoned dog already gave birth. But sadly, they found that one of her eyes was completely injured, it seems that the reason was a prior blunt force trauma.

They took her three puppies, and finally they were saved, the way they were sleeping in the car together was amazing, it really warmed my heart. The end of the video shows how Iris and her puppies look like after four weeks, and let me tell you, they are adorable and amazing, and they are waiting for a safe home.

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