They Thought That Sand Was Covering His Legs, The Moment He Started Bleeding They Knew It Was Much Worse.

Hot weather can always attract many kinds of crawlies, that can make us ill in several ways. But, facing them in sea is something completely unexpected.

So, read this article to know the best way to stay safer over the heat of the summer
A 16-year-old Australian man called Sam Kanizay decided to go to the sea with his friends to chill off, but, what happened with him changed everything. When the man from Melbourne went out of the water after dipping his feet in the water, he saw some sand on them, but what he thought was not right. Shockingly, Sam’s feet started bleeding profusely!
He was directly rushed to the hospital but, even the doctors did not know the cause of that! so, Sam’s father decided to go to take some photos from the place, where Sam had dipped his feet. The photos contained some of the strange crawlies, sea lice! It is similar to big jellyfish, but they attack you by stinging. Watch the video above to have more information.
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