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The Harpy Eagles That Are So Huge Just Like Humans, Live Up To 35 Years!

Have you ever heard about harpy eagles?! They’re between the strongest and largest birds in the world. They are named harpies in the Greek mythology which is half-bird and half-human creatures.

People always think that harpy eagles are humans in costumes because of their giant height! They are so good in hunting, and they are often found in major rainforests in South and Central America. Their types are mostly Papuan and American. They also live up to 35 years. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Result of abusing animals
They say that what you saw so shall you reap and this means only that what you do the other, you will face the consequences. A woman named Katherine Lemansky shared this story and she also goes by the name of Katie Brown. It is unbelievable to imagine that how can a person be so cruel and so bold about it, like being cruel is satisfying for them.
She shared the photos online, with some honor in her but again, the reactions from the public have somehow been divided. The judge gave a soft punishment that on her because of late sitting. There are some people who are even arguing that mere a punishment of 1 year under is not enough and there are people who seem surprised at the fact that his eventually comes up.

Her story matches up a lot with Kimberly Ann Howell who also abused her dog and afterwards committed to the crime. There is even a worse story that belongs to Caitlyn, the SC dogs whose muzzle shit had been locked and the electric wire got in his mouth and the case against them is.

Cary, NC Animal Control Supervisor Shelly Smith investigated Lemansky’s and cemanskys and the investigation brought results that shows the area from which this voice was coming. On a very ironic note, Lemansky told police that it was only a joke.

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