Terrified Pup Stands Beside His Dead Mom, Protecting Her body

This story speaks about a stray pup called Marley, who was found with his mother, that got a hit by a vehicle, by rescuers. He was on the busy roadway knew nothing what to do next or where he should go.

He was scared of humans and didn't let anyone touch him and he directly ran away when anyone approached him. Thankfully, he was caught by a rescuer who took him to a shelter. Marley put his head up against the wall in his first few days at the shelter, and he wouldn't move just when when it was quiet and dark.
He would also try to bite and growl when anyone tried to grab him from his spot. All of that because he was aggressive and afraid. Thankfully, when Marley knew that he wasn't going to be hurt, he became more sociable. He relieved to be receiving love and looked very happy when he received his 1st rub under his chin.
Happily, Marley was fostered by Giorgos, who knows how to treat with stray dogs who are not used to humans. Giorgos gave him special training which helped Marley to be more sociable with other dogs and humans. By good fortune, he was adopted after one month by a kind family after doing so well in training. Watch the video above to have more information.
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