Person With Down Syndrome Hears Screams From Sea, Dives In To Save Two Drowning Girls.

What would you do if you come across with a stranger who needs help to save his life?! We all hope that we have enough courage to do that. The video above shows 2 of these people who would risk their lives to save a stranger.


Valerio Catoia, a teenager with Down syndrome, does not think twice how he would do if he faced with one such problem. He has already written his name as a hero.

 When Valerio Was 3, he was enrolled in swimming lessons, so he’d have a chance to build endurance and strength. He is now a strong swimmer who has completed training for rescuing people out of the sea, and also participated in the Special Olympics.

 His combination of skills makes the difference between death or life for 2 young girls.

He was spending time, at a shore in Lazio, Italy, with his sister and father, when they heard screams for help. 2 girls- ages 14 and 10- were stuck in a riptide, struggling to their way back to the beach.


His father and him did not waste any time, they immediately dived into the water to get the girls in time. He caught the younger one and kept her head above the water, as he took her back to the beach.

 Lifeguards arrived to the shore after the both girl had been already survived by with the help of Valerio and his father.

People are really praising Valerio for his courage. The Prime Minister of Sports also awarded him with a medal for his life-saving deed.

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