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Subaru Ad: Papa Dog Drives Around Calmly To Let His Pup Sleep!

Commercials are the best way to represent the idea you want. These days many commercials contain animals like dogs or horses, this Subaru advertisement is one we love.

The commercial shows the relationship between the kids and their parents in the car with a Papa dog and his pup. It is known that little children like to sleep in the back seat as the calming drive and the cradling motion any vehicle create a great haven to them to sleep.

The video above shows that Barkley, the Papa dog, tries to drive calmly at night in the empty roads trying to let his puppy sleep. The Papa starts driving in the driveway when the pup sleeps. But the pup wakes up when his dad stops the vehicle, so the dad gets back on the road to let his pup sleep again. How adorable! Watch the video above to have more information.

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