Starving Stray Dog Covered In Mats, Too Close To Death, But He Is A True Warrior

This story speaks about Salvador, a poor skeleton dog, that was found just in time by the rescuers who were completely shocked by what they saw. It was obvious that the dog was starving and sick, he was also covered in mats. The definite thing that he was waiting for his death.


Salvador, whose bones painfully protruded, was given some food to eat and then grabbed by the rescuers who covered him with a blanket to warm him. The rescuers took Salvador to the rescue center to receive a delicate bath and a full evaluation.
He was anemic and malnourished, which means that he has a long rough road which is really hard for him to be completely recovered. Thankfully, the miracle did happen as Salvador completely transformed and started getting weight which also helped him to be adopted by a loving family. Watch the video above to have more information.
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