Seven-Week-Old Puppy Tied Up In A Bag And Tossed In Garbage, Since He Was Without 2 Front Legs

Puppies are so cute but they are so handful, so an owner of a newborn puppy recognized that the pup was born with no front legs, which means that the pup will struggle to have a normal life.

The cruel owner tied the poor pup in a bag and tossed him in the garbage just like a piece of rubbish, instead of giving him to a shelter. The president of The Dog Rescuers Inc, Joan Znidarec said that you have to take care for your puppy in everything, not to treat him like this.
Fortunately, some kind women that were walking in Toronto heard some sounds from the garbage, and when they took a closer look, they found him. So, the puppy was brought to the Dog Rescuers and he directly stole the group’s heart, and they decided to call him ‘Cupid’ as the name is so suitable in many ways, according to Znidarec.
Despite his bad situation he was always smiling. Znidarec said that Cupid is so funny, hilarious, and animated, and he lives with some dogs with his foster family. How can anyone do this with a nice poor puppy like Cupid?!
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