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Service Dog Gives Birth To A Litter Of 8 Puppies In The Airport!

This is one of the strangest stories ever, it is about a 2-year-old Labrador dog called Ellie, who has unexpectedly delivered pups at Tampa International Airport.

Ellie was with Diane Van Atter, her owner, wanting to travel to Philadelphia, but they missed the flight because of the delivery.

There were also Nugget, the dad of the pups, supporting her, Tampa paramedics, and Tampa Fire Rescue officers helping out. Thankfully, she gave birth to a female pup, and seven male puppies. Watch the video above to see the delivery, and tell us your opinion.

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Kids At Elementary School Get More Confident When Sharing Their Daily Struggles With 200lb Mastiff

It is known that therapy dogs help small kids to improve and to pass their struggles, this story proves that. A 200-pound therapy dog called Gabriel changed the students’ behavior massively at River Bend Elementary School in Virginia.


The huge 4-year-old Mastiff let the children lose nervousness as he is so gentle. They also write heartwarming letters about what happened with them to him, and share their inner-dialogues with him in a happy relaxed way.


 The educators of the school are able to help any kid to deal with their struggles by the help of Gabe, or Gabriel, who also teaches the kids valuable lessons in responsibility. The kids are enlightened on how to nurture and care for others by bringing him water, taking him for walks, and caring for him. Actually, Gabe also helps some other older students with their struggles. Having a therapy dog in schools is really important, as they make the students’ lives better. Watch the video below to have more information.


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