Sad Rescue Puppy Suffers From Crushing Anxiety, Until Her Owner Does That!

When a woman called Samantha Kreisler saw a lonely puppy in a shelter, she knew that she had found her lifelong companion.

But, there are many hurdles Samantha would have to face if she decided to adopt her. The first one was that, the dog was called “Lady Eczema” as her back legs and skin were terribly infected.
The second one was that Lady suffered from severe separation anxiety. Lady was going to the university, where everyone liked her, with Samantha, who was going for her Masters degree in marine science. But, when Lady’s owner started studying more advanced studies, Lady could not go with her anymore, but, she could not stay alone at home. So, Samantha decided to bring a furry friend for Lady, which was a cat called Roo. Lady and Roo became close friends by the first sight! Samantha said that they do everything together. Watch the video above to have more information.
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