Rescue Deaf Dog Stuns New Owners With…

This story speaks about Boombox, an adorable senior-aged Boxer, who was at the Carolina Boxer Rescue. She was so adorable and was also available for adoption, which was so shocking for Tom and Jane Cannone from Virginia.

Boombox was deaf, and that was the reason of staying at the shelter. But, that was not a problem for the couple, who decided to adopt her. So, they came from Norfolk to Charleston, South Carolina, to take her to their home.
It was obvious that the dog was treated very well by her previous owners, as she was incredibly well behaved. The couple directly fell in love with the dog, who was quiet, loyal, and loving.
One day, the Cannone learned an incredible something about Boombox, when they were at the vet. They knew that she knows the sign language, yes, she does. So, the couple decided to know more about the sign language to teach Boombox more. Watch the video above to have more information.
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