Puppy Taped In Box And Dumped Wagged Her Tail In Hopes Someone Might Hear Her

This video is something extremely painful which may give a real tough time to anyone who takes a look at it. This story is about a pup that was found in a taped box. This puppy was not in the best of its condition, and rather was on the verge of death.

This pup was starving and had no water even and nobody knows from how many days it was stuck in this box. However, the pup somehow used its brain and altered the people around by way of waging its tail and making noise. The person who actually discovered this pup also felt that something is in the box by listening to that noise. As soon as he opened up the box he was surprised to a pup in a very brutal state in the taped box.
In case, if the pup would have not used its brains and would have not made any noise this box must have left unidentified and the pup must have died inside it, there was no way of breathing as well but since this dog was meant to be alive it lived and was also taken for treatments after discovery.

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