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Tiny Puppy Found With Mouth Taped Shut, Can't Stop Wagging Tail At Everyone He Meets.

I still do not understand how some people can be so cruel toward animals! This story speaks about a poor dog, who was found with snout taped shut!

Bob, the dog, was found under a bridge by Hoelter, who took it to the Griffith Animal Hospital in Indiana, where it received the treatment and the care he needed. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Cop Finds Puppy In Monster's Motel Room, After Blood Test, The Dog Was Found To Be A Drug Addicted

Unthinkable becomes true
Have you ever heard something like this? Most probably your answer is no but when the police raided the motel room, they got the shock of their life when they found this man that was a drug addict along with his dog named Bubba. Bubba is a 7-month-old Jack Russell terrier and Chihuahua mix. The police officers got the shock when they found out that even the dog was addicted. They ran a blood test and the results came positive too.

It is unbelievable as to what they did to that poor animal. His owner was arrested and thanks to the good people at OC Animal Care, they took Bubba in. They started to take care of him until the dog got fully drug-free. He started playing around and became happy as ever. Katie Ingram of OC Animal Care said that they have had Bubba for four months and he couldn’t be happier.

This story was run on TV news channels and one couple was stunned to find out about Bubba and they rushed to the place to adopt him. CBS2 was there to capture this amazingly adorable moment on video and it really was a special moment. The moment Bubba was held by his Mommy and daddy and the look on his face said everything. Thankfully, the adorable dog will now spend the remaining days peacefully with a loving and caring family that also includes a big sister, a German shepherd named Stella.

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