'Puppies aren't people,' says attorney for California woman accused of tossing puppies in trash

The Californian woman, who was accused in April of having 7 pups in the garbage, returned to court on Thursday, but it was a statement from her lawyer that caused an audible shock.


The attorney, Joseph Cavanaugh, defending Deborah Culwell, the 54-year-old woman, said that his bail should not be increased because his alleged crimes are not against people but animals.

"Until the law is enacted, puppies are not human," Cavanaugh said at the hearing and drew his indignation in court.

Deborah is charged with 7 cases of animal abuse and seven cases of animal failure after the authorities claimed she was thrown into a bag while throwing a plastic bag with a 3-day-old puppy waste container at Coachella. in California.

Authorities said that they found 38 other dogs at Deborah’s house. She has transferred the ownership of all her animals. Culwell is not guilty, according to the authorities. Her bond was initially priced at $10,000, but the Prosecutor supported the hearing on Thursday, which would be raised to $ 50,000. Watch the video above to have more information.

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