Pup Stares Down The Driveway, Refusing To Budge – Owner Looks And Rushes To Dial 911

This story speaks about Sadie, a Great Dane, who loves going out to walk in morning with Rob Jerry, her owner. But, one day, she would not move an inch!

When Jerry called her, she would not come! But, she kept staring down the driveway. So, Jerry knew that there is something wrong down the driveway, and he could not believe his eyes after what he saw! He firstly thought that it was a poor deer lying in the driveway.

When he took a closer look, he was completely shocked! He saw Albert Larson, his 89-year-old neighbor. He’d fallen in his way to get the morning paper, and his hip was broken. So, Jerry directly called 911, when he saw that, thankfully, the elderly was recovered and will be able to celebrate his 69th wedding anniversary with his wife. 

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