Pregnant Horse Lies Down To Give Birth And Twin Were Delivered

Giving birth is already a miraculous act.

Mother Nature always delivers shocking thing, and we are so lucky if the shock was so pleasant. And this story is one of these pleasant examples. Emma, a mother horse, challenged many odd things and delivered a really impossible miracle this week. She delivered twins! Which is not in the record before, but now it is.

Actually, the veterinarians said that this case is very rare, and the chance of surviving in it is 10,000 to 1. What usually happens is that on embryo dies early, or it takes over during the pregnancy.

Sometimes veterinarians perform an abortion in the final stages of the pregnancy. But, they forgot to do that for Emma, which makes her a big phenomenon on internet.

The twins are in good health and were named as Grace and Will. And it is thought that they will have a happy life with their family in the barn.

Watch the video to see this miracle.

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