Postal Worker Spots Tiny Ball Of Fur On Sidewalk – She Inches Closer, Realized The Heartbreaking Truth!

A small bundle of fur was spotted on the sidewalk by a mail carrier, who was on her route. It is known that strange animals are not always friendly, that is well-known by postal workers.

But, it was obvious that this tiny thing is harmless, so, the postal worker took a closer look, and realized that the fur ball was a kitten! The woman had to continue her work, but, she also felt that she had to do something to help this poor abandoned creature, so she got an idea! So, she sent posts to various rescue groups on social media about the poor kitty, hoping that help might come.
But, she saw the cat the next day in the same place, so she immediately called Coastal Bend Cat Rescuers. The team immediately arrived to the scene to pick up the depressed cat and decided to name her Thor.
She was so weak, so, Nadia, a member of the team, sent Mike, her husband, who scooped Thor up off the street. So, they took her home to take care of her. Thanks to these kind people, who saved her life. Watch the video above to have more information.
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