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Local Kids Had Stolen All But One Of Her Puppies. She Was Not About To Lose Him Too

A man in California sold his house, packed all his stuff and went. But one thing he forgot to bring. His dog. A small scared mother dog remained in the area and was forced to survive on garbage she found on the ground. In addition, she became pregnant and had puppies to look after.

When Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli of Hope For Paws heard about the mother dog, they hurried to the scene to help her. She had settled in a rubbish bin lying on the side. But she was not at all happy to see them.

She was afraid of people - and it is not difficult to understand why. According to Hope for Paws, some local kids in the area had come there earlier and stolen her puppies. She had only one left.

Eldad and Lisa fed them with burgers and gently placed a leash around the mother's neck.

After a while she calmed down and allowed the people to pet her.

The puppy most wanted to play and cuddle. The Hamburgers she was very fond of.

After half an hour, both mother and her puppy were ready to follow in the car. Now they could finally leave life on the street behind.

The puppy was named Meadow and mother Zoe. They now live with the organization Shelter Hope Pet Shop where they get used to their new safe life.

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