Poor Camels Forced To Move Excessive Loads Of Rocks In Cruel Weight-Lifting Contest

Living with animals is a favor that we should thank God for, I still can’t understand the people who hurt animals for any reason! It is known that camels are powerful creatures, but they are also delicate! They can bear so much pressure, but that does not mean to ask them to do more than they can!

There is an annual competition in Pakistan about camels and weightlifting. People from all around Pakistan come to participate in this competition, in addition to that, the guests are more than 20,000! 

The person, who won the prize for 2019 called Qasim Hussain, as his horse lifted 1.7 tons! Hussain, who is a UK native, does not know how cruel this thing for the camels, who can’t move for a while after this competition. Watch the video above to have more information.

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