People Demand Teen Girl Go To Jail After Knowing What She Hunted.

A 14-year-old girl from Missouri has been getting bullied, after she mistakenly shot a protected elk.

Abby Wilson was with her father, Don White, in a haunting trip on 11th of November, when she shot a protected elk, as she that it was a deer. The father contacted the Missouri Department of Conservation when he saw the body of the elk. 

Adam Doerhoff, the conservation agent, was doubtful about the elk, as it is unusual for the elk to be in Boone County, till Abby’s father sent picture proof for him. Doerhoff said that he received a picture on his phone from White, and it was obvious that is an elk.


Tom Strother, the department's regional supervisor, said that the girl saw the antlers and thought that it was a deer.

The father said that his daughter has faced biting criticism from some groups on Facebook, after the story went viral.

Many users considered the father and his daughter ‘idiots’, some others blamed his father. On the other hand, there is some users commented that she is still young and learning, and his father did the right thing when directly called the conservation. Watch the video to have more information.

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