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Old Man Rescued Chained Dog, Then Starts Rescuing Many Ignored Dogs

Saving animals is one of the the best things ever, and it will actually lead you to do more and more of kind things. This story speaks about an old man, who saved dog chained for fourteen years.

Christine and Thayne Hamilton started giving the poor homeless dogs forever homes. They called their shelter “Grey Muzzle Rescue”. They started saving the homeless dogs and gave them places to stay in. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Female Elephant stood at the same Spot for 3 weeks, waiting for her dog friend, and finally met him!


The wait is over, now watch who she waits for

This is story of the Elephant whose name is Tarra, this story is all about the friendship between an elephant and the dog. Tarra stayed at one place for the three weeks. She was waiting for someone.


Yes she was waiting for her dog friend Bella, as they featured in the morning show hosted by "Oprah Winfrey” the physical difference of these two had never bothered them as they love each other and their bond is so strong. But sadly one day Bella had injured her back badly, so the staff separated these two as Bell was in need of treatment.

The elephant however, stayed close to her friend for the three consecutive weeks. But unfortunately Bells passed away back in 2011 and Tarra was heartbroken. The female elephant still remembers where her friend is buried and she often visits that place.


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