Trooper Sees What Mom And Son Are Doing In Parked Car, Quickly Reacts

When the car of Charlie Watkins broke down, she and Jeriah, her autistic son, were stuck in the traffic of freeway 170, with a hot weather. 
It was so loud, which makes Jeriah to wear earmuffs to reduce the noise around him.

Everything was so loud that Jeriah even had to wear earmuffs at some point to drown out the noise around him.

And then, a kind police officer from South Carolina called Adam Klimek came to help. He stopped near their car and asked them to sit in his patrol car with him. And the trooper did what he could to keep Jeriah busy, while his mother made a call to have a tow truck and made arrangements to know how long they’d be there.

Klimek knew that Jeriah liked watching Netflix, so he let the boy watching Curious George, his favorite movie, while the truck was still on the way. 
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