Nervous Dog Keeps Barking, Then He Leads His Owner To A Dark Spot In A Pond

This story shows us that dogs are man’s best friend. It speaks about 28-year-old owner, Abby and her 5-year-old dog, Bruce, who started barking and acting strange in one morning.

Abby knew that there was something wrong as her dog was a calm and a quiet dog. He sat at the front door sniffing and whining, Abby tried to get him in, but he refused to move, so she opened the door for him, and followed him.
Bruce headed to a near pond and did not stop barking, Abby said that she knew that Bruce wanted to tell her that there was a person in the pond. When Abby had a closer look, she saw a half-naked confused elderly woman.
Abby directly went back home and called authorities, she also brought a warm blanket and wrapped her in it. Thankfully, the police were managed to track down her family. Thanks to Abby and her brave dog, who saved this woman’s life. Watch the video above to have more information.
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