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Nervous Dog Keeps Barking, Then He Leads His Owner To A Dark Spot In A Pond

This story shows us that dogs are man’s best friend. It speaks about 28-year-old owner, Abby and her 5-year-old dog, Bruce, who started barking and acting strange in one morning.

Abby knew that there was something wrong as her dog was a calm and a quiet dog. He sat at the front door sniffing and whining, Abby tried to get him in, but he refused to move, so she opened the door for him, and followed him.

Bruce headed to a near pond and did not stop barking, Abby said that she knew that Bruce wanted to tell her that there was a person in the pond. When Abby had a closer look, she saw a half-naked confused elderly woman.

Abby directly went back home and called authorities, she also brought a warm blanket and wrapped her in it. Thankfully, the police were managed to track down her family. Thanks to Abby and her brave dog, who saved this woman’s life. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Doctors Say To Abandon Their New Baby Born With ‘Half A Face.’ Family’s Response Leaves Them Stunned

When Elena Shpengler gave birth her new baby, she learned that there was something wrong, as she saw the doctors making calls. The doctors wrapped the baby, who then named Darina, in blankets and would not let her mother to see her.

Hours later, the doctors let Elena come to see her daughter. And the mother was totally shocked and lost her consciousness, when she saw her daughter. Darina had been born with serious genetic mutations which left her face covered in blood as she is with no chin or lips.

Doctors told her to abandon her daughter and forget about her, but she and Yury, her husband, refused to left Darina to go into the grim orphanage system of their country.

Since Darina was born, her parents have faced intense prejudice and cruelty, even from their friends. Elena said that the only person who supported her was her sister. And said that no one wanted Darina, even Yury’s mother.
Regardless the alienation and hurtful words, they’ve never thought to give up their beloved girl. Elena said that they take her everywhere with them, and they do not also feel ashamed of her also.

Social services sends 2 teachers to visit Shpenglers’ daughter once a week to give her a basic education. But her mother wants Darina to be able to make friends and to get out. She explained that nothing can replace friends.

Her parents have raised money to pay for medical treatment in Moscow. Where the doctors said that they will make major surgery for Darin every 2 years. She has already completed a surgery where they sewed her mouth to make it smaller. Darina is still at the beginning of the road, and her family is determined to carry on. Elena said that Darina’s trouble has just brought them together.

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