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Neglected and Chained To Concrete, Owners Claims That They Just Forgot To Feed Him

Benji, a nice sad dog, had spent the whole of his life lying on the ground and chained. The poor young pooch was about starved to death, because his ’’parent’’ had forgot to give him some food and water. He also had many painful wounds all over his body, because many harsh people had thrown at him large rocks. Luckily for him, an animal rescue in Cape Town, South Africa, Sidewalk Specials, came to rescue him.

They directly put some food in front of him, but he was really in disbelief! He thought that it was a silly trick and he would be prevented from eating, but his hunger was totally obvious, which made him starting eating.

His condition was really bad, but the good rescuers took him directly to the veterinarians, who needed more than an hour to take Benji back from the death. Soon after, he was ready to be adopted and waited for that.And finally, he was adopted by a nice family, and he now has some friends.

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