Mysterious Animal Has Been Dumped At Humane Society Staff Had No Idea What It Is!

A massive ball of fur was dropped off at the Central Missouri Humane Society. The shelter wasn’t able to discern what exactly the creature was because of the mass of hair.

The rescuers were told that the dog was found at a local grocery store in a small dog bed. So, the workers decided to see the dog’s look under the matted hair. Sadly, they found a poor girl dog in a very bad condition covering with fleas.

The dog’s matted fur was shaved by 2 staffers Pawsitively Precious who spent 3 hours shaving it. Unfortunately, the poor dog was not able to walk despite the path and grooming.

They found after getting x-rays done that the dog had several broken bones, and her paws had deformed.

The dog, who was named Precious still can’t run or walk as a normal dog but she is still being given a lot love by Pawsitively Precious. We hope that she will find a forever home soon.

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