Mother Mouse Bravely Chases Snake While Running Away With Her Baby Mouse

The love of mothers can defeat anything else, and go so far. This is also applied on animals, and this story is a great example.

The video below, that was taken by Rojas Montecinos Envy, shows a mother mouse defending her baby rat from a snake that was trying to slither away with it! The mama mouse determined to save her rat as she was biting at the python in a quick way.

It seemed that the baby rat was going to die, but suddenly, the snake left him on the street and went away to the bushes!

Thankfully, the baby rat starts moving again when his mama approaches. She picked him up after hovering him for a moment.

However, the baby rat is still alive as he was able to escape from the snake’s jaws by his mother’s help.

Watch the video below.

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