Mother And Son Zip-Locked Newborn Pup, Then Put It In The Freezer

Zip-lock bags are commonly used to travel basics or hoard food – it had a part to play in a horrible animal abuse case but you wouldn’t think about that. 

The world was shocked by new height of animal cruelty in late November, 2013, this is was shown by one pair of mother and son.

Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, into a zip-lock bag, the pair placed their recently born puppy and posted the picture on social media.  The policy was to avert the puppy from moving while measuring its size and showing off. 
The 8-week-old puppy could have died of suffocation, Mary Snell and Britton James have been quoted as saying that there was "no other way” to take the picture. Other social media pictures displayed the zip-locked puppy stuffed into the freezer – as a result the album quickly went viral on the Internet.

Consequently, both Mary and Britton, aged 44 and 21 respectively, for animal brutality, they were charged and jailed.

The two got what they worthy, while the pup now lives in his loving and new always home.

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