Mother Of Twins Knows She is Pregnant Again. Husband ‘Faints’ When He Sees Sonogram Photos.

The number of twin births has jumped more than 70% since 1975. In 1975, it was 9.5 of 1,000 births, and in 2011, it was 16.9 of 1,000 births.



Being an older mother (over than 35) can be an important factor to have multiples or twins. Another factor, that increases having twins, is turning to fertility treatments to get pregnant.
There are also many factors that can increase the chance to have multiples such as the history of the family, and overweighting of the women. 

Nowadays, about 4% of babies are born as multiples and nearly 95% of these babies are twins. Your chances to have twins also increase, if you have had twins once before.

And that what happened with Nia and her husband, Robert Tolbert, from Maryland. They already have Shai, 6-year-old son, and Alexander and Riley, 2-year-old twin boys.


Their family was complete, and they didn’t plan to have more pregnancies after having Alexander and Riley, said Nia.

 Surprisingly, Nia discovered that she was pregnant again in August. Nia’s technician started hinting that she has more than a baby in her belly. And she was totally shocked when she knew that there were 3.

Nia said that her husband was so happy with this news, and she also saw the sonogram photos of the three babies. She also said that they know that their home will be full of laughter, noise and love.

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