Woman Tells Animal Shelter To Put Her Dog Down, But They Don’t!

The animals also deserve the same rights in life like humans, they don't deserve to be euthanized or abandoned, this story is about a poor nice beagle called Mitsie. Mitsie spent the first 11 years of her life with the same family. It is known that animals are like human; try the best to have a healthy happy life.
The owner of Mitsie decided to surrender her to a shelter, with no clear reason!

Can you imagine that?! You have a pet for more than 10 years and suddenly decide to surrender it! There is a gap here!
But, the staff of the shelter was not expecting this crazy request from the woman before leaving her for the last time.

The woman said "Put her to sleep" ... the woman really wanted to destroy Mitsie. But why?! She is a beautiful senior beagle, and she was not injured or ill. But the woman said that she was totally tired of her beadle, Mitsie.

So the Atlanta shelter's staff didn't accept the woman's request. As they would not put down a nice and lovable dog like Mitsie. And they shared some pictures of the nice Mitsie on social media, with some information about how she became to shelter.

So, the post sparked many dog’s lovers who wanted to adopt her, regardless to her old age. They wanted to change her life completely different about what it was. Watch the video to have more information.
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