Missing Alabama 3-Year-Old Girl Found in Nearby Woods with Family Dog

A three-year-old girl called Serenity Sanders, that was missed last Thursday in in DeKalb County, Alabama, was finally found on Friday.


 Eric Gilbreath, her half-brother as he is the son of Gilbreath, drove for more than 2 hours to help searching for her sister. He said that he just thought in helping Serenity and he was not going to give up.

He grabbed his flashlight and headed out into a wooded area. He just wanted to find her, and he finally got what he wanted after several hours.


Eric said that Serenity was behind the tree, and she spotted first, she said ‘’Eric’’, and what was shocked for Eric was that the dog of the family was right her protecting her. It was hard to Eric to get out of the woods, fortunately he was able to call the police.


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