Man Was About To Take His Life Down, Then He Notices Some Movement In The Bushes

This story speaks about a soldier called Josh Marino, who left the battlefield with a broken soul and severe injuries! The soldier also suffered from PTSD.

Sadly, he decided to end his life as he could not resist his heartache. Josh was smoking his last cigarette before ending his life, when something unexpected happened!
Josh heard a small kitten meowing, and then walked up to him, and rubbed against his leg! He did not know what to do, but the only thing he knew was that he had to help the cat! He came back every day to give the cat food and water, he also named it “Scout”.
Unfortunately, the cat suddenly disappeared! Josh was completely devastated as it was his friend! But miracles do happen, Josh and his girlfriend visited a local animal shelter to adopt an animal, and they found Scout! Watch the video above to have more information.
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