Man Crushed In Shop Window But Instantly Suffers INSTANT Karma When THIS Just Happens

Some footage from CCTV shows a man standing in front of a window of a store and kicking the glass. The man then continues smashing using his hands as he can't reach some parts by his leg.


When he smashed all the glass, he stands to admire what he did and then running across the street

But, the man does not manage to get so far, as an oncoming car, he does not see, knocks him over.


The accident, that was revealed by the owner of the shop, took place in Poland.




The owner of the shop said that the man was directly taken to the hospital with some simple injuries. The video has more than 450,000 views. With many opinions by the commenters, that all show their gratitude to the person who was driving the car. They considered what happened as instant karma.



I think that the man gets what he deserves, what do you think?



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