Man Received An Intruder Notification From His Security Cam, Finds His GF Dancing With His Dog

While Jose Perez went out of the town for a few days, Keysla Mora, his girlfriend, had to look after his Labrador-Chowchow mix dog during his account of a business trip. Jose installed a security system to make full provisions for the safety of his house, and that made him staying calm. When something happened. 

One day, the home security system revealed a strange human activity and sent it to Jose's phone as an intruder alert notification at midnight. Jose was anxious to know the identity of the intruders, so he logged into the security camera stream on his phone, and he saw something very surprising! 
It was live-footage from the kitchen showed Keysla and his dog arm-in-arm dancing away in the night! That made him feel jealous, because Nina and Keysla were enjoying their time without him, then got over this and began recording the entertainment and outstanding dance party, and he doesn’t mind Keysla and Nina’s lovely friendship. Watch the video above to have more information. 
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