Man Arrested For Being Accused Of Dragging His Own Dog For 5 Miles!

This incident happened early 2016 in Evansville, Indiana. Brandyn Cox 24, a monster drove his truck 5 miles, dragging a Great Dane mix dog behind while Jamie L. McFarland, 44, was the one who tied Hank, who died because of that. The dog’s body had been worn down to the bone according to the police report

McFarland and Cox were found and arrested. Cox's bond was set at $10,000 and was in the jail  of Vanderburgh County. He was charged with two counts of inducing or causing the torture or mutilation of an animal, aiding, causing the killing of a domestic animal which are felonies.
Not only that, Cox got slapped with a single count of animal cruelty. Then there were 2 charges unrelated to animal cruelty and charged with intimidation and tried to interfere with the reporting of the crime.
What's worse is that the puppy belonged to someone living at McFarland’s home who had a death in his family and had to left just the day before. Watch the video above to have more information.
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