The Oldest Tigress In The World, Has Just Died. A Nation Mourns

On August 18, Thursday, Machali, the 19 years world’s oldest tigress is no more. 


Machali who is a bit of a celebrity in India, lived freely in the great wilderness of the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, the Indian city. This elderly tiger is more than deserved and the team at the sanctuary made her moving tribute.

She was the star of National Geographic‘s Tiger Queen from 2015 in addition to many documentaries and one of the most photographed wild animals in the world.

There were many nicknames that the tigress had like "Tigress Queen of Ranthambore”, "Lady of the Lakes”, "Queen Mother of Tigers” and "Crocodile Killer”.

Machali became celebrity when she killed a 14-foot long giant crocodile after she had fought him. It was a unique kind of scene had been seen and recorded on camera.

However, after her old age, she was very week with no teeth, with a bad vision condition and she couldn't fight and therefore her territory was lost.

Moreover, Machali was fed by the helping of the staff at the reserve.

Many descendants of reserve’s tigers who believed that half of the them belong to her at the Ranthambore Park were left behind her.

There are many efforts by organizations like the WWF which raising the alarm, however there are no more than 3500 tigers left in the wild. Watch the video above to have more information. 

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